3 Ways the Digital Consumer is Evolving

The insurance industry can take advantage of a variety of routes to reach consumers, who are adopting new digital behaviors in ever-increasing numbers.  Here are three important ways today’s consumers are continuing to go digital.

Embracing New Devices: 59% of mobile device users use smart phones, and in the last three years, smartphones and tablets have doubled consumers’ average time spent with digital media—while desktop usage has remained relatively stagnant.

Quoting Online: According to comScore data, there’s no doubt that consumers are going online to quote. When compared to calling, visiting an agent (whether independent or captive) or dialing toll-free numbers, going online is “by far the most common way people are getting price quotes,” Engleson said.

Shopping Around: So how can independent agents win?  Shoppers most of all want multiple quotes—which independent agents are well-suited to provide.

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information cited from IAMagazine.com by Jacquelyn Connelly