Benefits of a Paperless and Green Insurance Agency

Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance (MIAA) is considered as a paperless agency. MIAA recycled just under 9,000 pounds of paper, this last month alone.  In 2014, MIAA saved 19 trees by recycling.


Some benefits of going paperless are:

  • Documents are easily searchable on your database
  • Saves office space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Disaster recovery (fires, floods, etc.)
  • Remote access wherever you’re working


Going paperless or “going green” in your office, regardless of what business, can save time and money dramatically through effective electronic document management.  Most insurance carriers having the “paperless billing” option and other paperless mail processes can cut down on scanning time.


Are you interested in learning how to make your insurance agency office paperless?  MIAA is happy to help members convert their offices to this effective method.  If you are an MIAA member, please contact us for assistance.