Tips for Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Deer become more active in the fall and drivers need to be more alert.  While the chance of hitting a deer is low, drivers should consider the possibility every time they get behind the wheel. More than 150 people are killed and 29,000 injured annually in animal-vehicle collisions nationwide. Hitting a deer can be expensive too; the average minimum cost for repairing a vehicle after a collision with a deer is $2,000.  Here are some tips to avoid a deer-vehicle collision:

•  Be alert for deer at all times, especially during dusk and dawn and especially when driving near shelterbelts, woodlots, creeks, or where crops still are standing.

• Reduce your speed at night and be prepared to stop suddenly.

• If you see one deer, expect to see others.

• Stay on the road and strike the animal; do not swerve or leave the roadway and collide with a roadside object and do not cross the centerline.

• Expect more deer near deer crossing signs because they should be installed where this is true.

• Honk your horn or flash your headlights to frighten the deer away.

• Search and scan the roadway and roadside ahead.

• Keep your headlights properly adjusted.

• Use your high beams where possible.

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