Insuring Your Engagement Ring?

So you’ve heard of the infamous wedding season that goes from May to October. But what about “engagement season?” That’s right, folks. The holidays are quickly approaching and over the holidays, spent with family and focused on loving one another, many couples find it the perfect time to pop the question.

According to the research done at, 9 out of the 10 most popular days to get engaged will be happening in the next 3 months! If you are planning on getting engaged soon, there’s way more to think about than just the  style or color of ring your partner will want. Have you thought about purchasing insurance for the ring?

What? Insurance for an engagement ring?

Yes! If you didn’t already know, it is a definite possibility to obtain insurance for you or your loved one’s engagement ring. And, it is something every couple should at least think about before your big day.

Funnily enough, it may be a whole lot easier than you think to make sure your engagement ring is covered from theft or damage. Depending on the value of the ring and your insurance policy, you might be able to extend your renters or home insurance policy towards your ring, sometimes even if it is lost or stolen outside the home. If you have questions about if your engagement ring is already covered under these policies, or could be under additional personal property coverage, check with your insurance agent.

Additional Tips

It’s always best to keep in mind too that engagement ring insurance isn’t the right fit or isn’t necessary for every couple. While you might not want to tell your partner the exact value of their ring to keep up some of the surprise and ambiance, it is helpful for the wearer of the ring to know the value in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

If the ring is only valued at $400, maybe you will think a little less about insuring it as this will be easier to replace. However, if your ring is valued at $4,000 or $40,000, having insurance coverage for your ring could save you thousands of dollars, if you hope to replace it. Having insurance isn’t all about the money though; engagement rings are special and through insurance, you’re also investing in replacing the exact ring that was specially picked out for you as a couple.

As always, read the policy clearly to know exactly what will and will not be covered. Some policies might not cover throwing your ring in the trash accidentally and will only cover theft.  Look over your policy with an agent, as they can verify if it’s the right one for you and will cover what you need it to.

Congratulations to all the recently engaged couples out there and contact your local insurance agent for more information on engagement ring insurance.