Is It Covered? Winter “What-if’s” for Your Customers

65 inches of snow dropped onto Buffalo, NY, and created numerous headaches for homeowners and insurance companies. 

Winter is a month away, yet the US is already seeing major signs that Old Man Winter has arrived!  Not only did the 65 inches of snow bury Buffalo, NY—the Polar Vortex pushed its way into all 48 contingent states, which resulted in a number of unconventional homeowners claims.  This raises the concern of the potential damages that arise from extreme winter weather, and whether or not they are covered on your homeowners insurance.

Since not all policies are created equal; you will want to check with your insurance agent to see the type coverage you have for your home and belongings!

Here are some “What ifs” to consider with your agent:

What if…I have damage caused by the weight of snow and ice on my home or other insured structures?

What if…a tree falls on my home/auto or my neighbor’s home/auto?

What if…my pipes freeze and burst?

What if…this happens:


…which leads to home flooding due to the abundance of melted snow?

Winter weather brings up an entire line of new risks to look out for. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Discuss your policy limits with your agent right away!