Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association Law Requirement

“Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance (MIAA) will provide any assistance for our insurance agents we can if there are questions about this new law change.  Please contact us by calling, emailing or submitting your question through www.miaainsurance.com.” Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association Law Requirement  September 29, 2011 (Supplied by Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance, Inc. partnership carrier MetLife) “A recent law change in Minnesota (House File 895) was passed, amending provisions in the Insurance Guaranty Association and Insurance Fair Information Reporting laws.  Effective August 1, all agents and sales associates are required to give Minnesota policyholders a ‘Notice Concerning Policyholder Rights in an

Insolvency Under the Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association Law.’  This form must be given to the insured the same day he/she applies for insurance.”