File Scanning for Insurance Agents

Reducing File Size – Scanning Documents for Email

Most limits for email attachments are around 10 or 15 MB. Images, graphics, and videos can take up too much space, making the PDF files over 100 MB.

  1. Scanning Resolution: 150 – 300 dpi.
  2. Color Space: black and white (color and grayscale files are much larger)
  3. Physical dimensions of the scanned page: letter-size scan (legal-size scan will be larger)



(File Extension)

Explanation & Use

(Windows and Macintosh)


You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to use PDF documents for Windows.
Multi-page documents can be saved as one PDF file.
Scanned images are also editable before they are saved.


Standard image file format. Can compress images.
The higher the compression, the lower the image quality.
Lost image quality cannot be restored.

(Windows only)

 A standard image file format for Windows.


Created for exchanging data between programs.
When scanning black & white images, you can specify the compression type.