SIAA Master Agencies Take Eight of the Insurance Journal’s Top 100

August 2, 2011 – Hampton, NH:  According to the Insurance Journal (August 1, 2011), The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance’s (SIAA) Master Agencies account for 8 of the top 100 Privately Held Independent Agencies in the country. “A significant number of our Master Agencies consistently place in the annual Top 100,” stated Jim Masiello, CEO of SIAA, “It speaks to our continued growth and success despite the economic climate and soft market of the last few years.”   The ranking is based on Insurance Journal’s Top 100 annual survey conducted in the spring and early summer each year.   “As much

as anything else, this demonstrates what we mean when we tell prospective members that they will become Instantly Big if they join one of our Master Agency alliances.” said Masiello.   The highest ranked SIAA Master Agency on the list is The Satellite Agency Network Group, Inc. (SAN Group) of Hampton, NH, at number 17 with $426 million in 2010 P & C Premium Written. “SAN is the largest group of its kind in the northeast and is the original concept for the SIAA model. It’s rewarding to see so many other SIAA member Master Agencies succeed by following the same model,” Masiello commented.   The other 7 Master Agencies on the list (and their rankings) are: #60 – SIA Group Inc., Jacksonville, NC #79 – AssureAlliance, Inc. Spartanburg, SC #83 – North Florida Agents Network, Tallahassee, FL #87 – Oklahoma Agents Alliance, Oklahoma City, OK #89 – SAN of Florida, St. Petersburg, FL #94 – SIA of the Great Lakes, Green Bay, WI #100 – Agents Helping Agents, Louisville, KY Since its inception in 1995, SIAA has signed over 3,800 new member agencies.  SIAA is dedicated to the creation, retention and growth of the Independent Insurance Agency distribution system. SIAA provides independent agencies with the company access necessary to become instantly BIG. For more information on SIAA visit National Insurance Agency Alliance