SIAA Semi-Annual Business Meeting. New Carrier Coming to MIAA!

Below are highlights from the SIAA Regional Headquarters Convention in San Antonio:  

  • GMAC coming soon to MIAA as a partnership carrier
  • New APS Programs at including a Tow Truck writing market
  • Strengthened partnerships with our existing national strategic partnership carriers
  • Look for Foremost Auto (formerly Bristol West) to become more competitive in your area
  • SIAA still has the website if you need locations of other regional HQs
  • Loss ratios are bad for the entire industry across the US, so pay attention to growth incentives
  • Despite the bad loss ratios, SIAA fixed value based PMSF will really help member agencies
  • SIAA Launched the CISR discount.  CISR online classes are now only $119
  • Insurance Community University education is now discounted for new SIAA members


The greatest benefit for our insurance agency group will be the strengthened partnerships with the carriers and the new programs and opportunities that SIAA is rolling out.    If you’re not a member of MIAA yet and are thinking about the ways to become an insurance agent or start a new insurance agency, this is the time to join!  Existing independent insurance agencies benefit from the programs mentioned above, additional carriers, and increased compensation despite the hard times in the industry.  

SIAA Semi-Annual Business Meeting
SIAA Semi-Annual Business Meeting
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