Tips and Tricks to Get That Lost Client Back

It happens to the best of the best, you lose a client from time to time.  Don’t mark that file dead, mark it as an opportunity and get after it!  Here are 6 tips to consider when bringing the “dead” back to life.

ACT FAST.  The longer and insured is gone, the less chance you have of getting them.  Decide quickly if you want to get that insured back or if you are better off without them.

WHAT HAPPENED?  Go ahead, give them a call and ask them why they left.  If they are a good client, they will let you know.  Use that information to be proactive with current insureds and to try and win them back.

HOLD ON TO THAT INFO!  Keep their client information on file as well as the circumstances as to why they left.  Track trends and use that information to win them back and to keep others from leaving.

ATTITUDE COUNTS.  How your agency handles the cancellation will have a lasting impact on the client.  Keep a positive attitude when they cancel and be understanding.  They are probably nervous and feel bad leaving your agency especially if you have established a relationship with them.  Don’t burn the bridge!

COME BACK TESTIMONIALS!  Have you won some clients back?  Find out why they came back to you and ask them if they will give you a testimonial. 

BE PERSISTENT.  Do not give up, You may not get them back the first time, but keep in touch, stay positive and keep trying!